WebHostingPad Coupon “LOVE” $25 Extra Savings

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WebHostingPad Coupon $25 OFF
Use WebHostingPad Coupon "LOVE" To Save Extra $25 OFF (3 Years Plans or Above)
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WebHostingPad Coupon “LOVE” $25 OFF – What Features are Available?

Web hosting is becoming increasingly cheaper, especially with tons of web hhosting coupons here and there. WebHostingPad Coupon $25 OFF  is one of the best web hosting deals you can get online. This discount coupon can be leveraged by anyone to enjoy the desirable hosting features that come with WebhostingPad. And, the discount is available for individuals, small and medium-scale business owners, newbie web hosting consumers, as well as savvy webmasters.

The $25 OFF discount offer is applicable to Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting, including other web hosting services that the company offers.  So, with the discounted price, you can leverage the features that come with each hosting account as follows;


WebHostingPad Shared Hosting Features

This hosting account grants you access to all the resources and features shared among the users on this account. So, you will gain access to the following features;

Free Domain Name: Free domain name is an added benefit for those using WebHostingPad Coupon $25 OFF to subscribe for their shared hosting account. This simply means you will be given one free domain name at no cost and you will start enjoying traffic since the domain name is hosted on an already-popular site (WebhostingPad itself). So, all the hassles you would have gone through to research and create a new domain name have been eliminated.

Free Marketing Credits

Every online marketer knows what free marketing credits mean when it comes to online marketing. This is one of the best benefits that come with WebhostingPad subscription even if you are paying only a fraction of the full price. Amazingly, the free marketing credits from this web host are valued for $200 which is a great deal, isn’t it?

Unlimited Hosting Space

There is more than enough space for your online marketing activities and materials such as text files, video files, catalogues and more. This is made possible by the Unlimited Storage Space feature that comes with webhostingpad even at a discounted offer. Unlimited hosting space is also a big plus for multiple domains hosting.

Unlimited Domain Hosting

You can host multiple domains on your single WebHostingPad account unlimitedly. In essence, no one is placing restriction on the number of domains you would host on your account. So, instead of spreading your multiple domains on different web hosting platforms, you can save that cost and host all of them on a single WebHostngPad account. This will also eliminate the difficulties involved in managing domains on different hosting accounts.

 For instance, if you are hosting your 10 domains in different hosting platforms, managing these domains and the activities on them would be so difficult. Besides, renewing their certificates also comes with tons of challenges. By keeping all the domains on one webhostingpad account, management of any type becomes easy, especially with the control panel feature.

Other unlimited features are Unlimited Email Account and Unlimited Bandwidth. You can leverage all these benefits using a discounted price. And, there is a 30-day money back guarantee to back your purchase.

WebHostingPad VPS Hosting Features

Do you prefer a customized web hosting service without paying much? Then you would want to opt for WebHostingPad VPS hosting account. If you are not satisfied with the shared nature of the resources on Shared Hosting Account, you can make the Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting your ideal option. This hosting account is great for ecommerce operators, business owners and high-traffic websites operators. The VPS hosting account provides you with custom services as though you are using a dedicated server but at a comparatively low cost. The $25 is also applicable to the VPS hosting plans.

Each VPS hosting account comes with its own unique features in addition to general features as follows;

Beginners Plan: If you are using the Beginners VPS hosting plan, the following features are available even with the discounted price;

  • Disk Storage space – 10 GB
  • Memory – 128 MB Guaranteed
  • Bandwidth – 100 GB Monthly Guaranteed
  • Free Setup
  • One Dedicated IP Address.

Professional Plan: this plan suits any small or medium sized establishment, including websites that attract higher traffic. The discounted offer also applies to the professional plan. The features that come with this plan include;

  • Disk Storage Space – 50 GB
  • Memory – 256 MB Guaranteed
  • Bandwidth – Unlimited
  • Free Setup
  • Two Dedicated IP Addresses

Premium Plan: If you are looking to leverage high power VPS hosting, the premium plan will suit you. It is a great option for large businesses and e-commerce websites. The features that come with this VPS plan include the following;

  • Disk Storage Space – 100 GB
  • Memory – 512MB Guaranteed
  • Bandwidth – Unlimited
  • Free Setup
  • Burstable Memory – 2GB
  • Two Dedicated IP Addresses

All these are available even if you are using WebHostingPad Coupon $25 OFF.